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Packaging KDE window decorations, etc

I want to package/import a few window decorations and styles for KDE,
and would like to know the following:

How should these types of packages be named?

After a quick scan of the extras repo, I came across "crystal", with the
description "KDE window decoration". This works fine for crystal, but
I've packaged a window decoration called "alphacube" which is based on a
Gnome theme with the same name, so in my case this might cause a package
naming clash in the future. And besides, the name "alphacube" does not
intuitively tell you that it is a KDE window decoration, vs some 3d
virtual reality Rubik's cube simulation. Searching for a window
decoration/theme with this naming scheme is also a bit troublesome.

Also, the wiki does not provide information on the proper naming of
themes, etc (I may have missed it, though); the closest thing I could
find was the "Addon Packages (General)" section; if treated like this,
what should it be named? Something like kdebase-alphacube doesn't really
make sense, and kde-theme-alphacube or kde-decoration-alphacube, while
nice, does not really follow any of the current packaging naming

Please advise?

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