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Re: Tremulous problem

Tanguy Eric wrote:
Le lundi 19 février 2007 à 09:43 +0100, Hans de Goede a écrit :
Tanguy Eric wrote:
I just tried to install tremulous via yum and when i run it i obtain a
black screen.
Next time please don't send a mail like this to both the list and my
private mail, I first read my private mail, thus you got a private
response, now here is the same response again for those reading the
list. Even better would be to use bugzilla for things like this.


--- original reply ---

 > Here is what i can see in a console :

Thats useless as the problem seen here is caused by you running it from a console instead of from X.

I don't understand why you find this useless. I have a problem : when i
run the game from X, i obtain a black screen. I can hear the sound. So i
guess the game plays fine except i have nothing at screen. I kill the
game from a console and i see my desktop in very low resolution. So i
tried to launch it from a console to see the messages ...

The X error you are seeing is xvidmode related, and that message is given because tremulous is making an xvidmode call to change the resolution, while X is not visible / on the foreground. Thus the output is useless.

Could you try the official tremulous binaries from the tremulous homepage, and if those give a black screen too try contacting the tremulous developers directly?

I tried the official package without any success. I have the same
problem with similar games (alienarena, cube, ...) but i can play with
doom and freedoom without any problem.

Sounds like a video-driver / or monitor configuration problem. Since you're using the binary nvidea drivers there is no-on who can help you here.



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