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Re: Proposal: cross-compiling / development packaging guidelines

Thomas Sailer wrote:
On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 16:26 +0100, Hans de Goede wrote:
Thus we have given a group of 3 students the assignment to create
high quality rpm packages of binutils gcc and the needed libs for Fedora to
allow crosscompiling to Atmel AVR / ARM Linux on Fedora. I'm personally
Great! I'm very much looking forward to these packages.
4) libraries respectively headers will be installed under /usr/avr/lib resp
   /usr/avr/include for avr and under /usr/arm-linux/lib resp
   /usr/arm-linux/include for arm-linux. I know this doesn't seem FHS
   compliant, still I believe this is the right way, rationale:
Why not /usr/share/avr/include, /usr/share/arm-linux/lib etc.? From the
view of the host, this is shareable data, i.e. I can use the same data
with an i386 avr-gcc or a ppc avr-gcc, no?

Because all the cross-compile makefiles, binutils/gcc/glibc configure script etc, expect it to be under $prefix/$target. Moving away from this will become a HUGE patchfest and then people will start complaining that app XXYZ doesn't work with our cross-compile toolchain because we did things different.

Besides that there are binaries installed under /usr/avr/bin, moving things to under /usr/share thus is not an option.

Also see the long list of rationale I gave in the original post, but you didn't bother to go into.



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