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can anybody tell me what the "requires_kbase_article"-flag is for and
how to use it? I did a full text search on my fedora-extras-list folder
with no results. Same for full text search on the wiki.

To be honest, the recent changes are very confusing and frustrating for
me as a contributor. Not the changes itself but the lack of information
about them. ATM I have stopped doing new reviews, because I feel I have
not completely understood the new rules. For example I didn't know what
to do with the existing tracker bugs. Correct me if I'm wrong: When
Warren sent out the "Review with flags V. 6" mail two hours ago, it was
the first time somebody clarified this not to use trackers any more.

I think we need more info and clearer advice from FeSCo. We need better
communication. And we need that _before_ changes are done. I don't want
to search through a thousand mails every time for some piece of
information that should be written down clearly in the wiki.

IIRC maintainers-list was meant to be a "low traffic list" mainly for
important announcements, but by now we have an average of 150-300 mails
a week. This is very hard to follow, especially for non-native speakers
with poor English like me.

I have a lot of work to do ATM and only little spare time for fedora. I
will do more work if I have more time again, but I think it must be
possible to follow the fedora project even for a maintainer with limited
time. So I would like to be able to get _all_ important changes on
maintainers-list while the _whole_ decisions are discussed on
fedora-extras-list (or whatever this list will be called after the

Please FeSCo, show us your guiding hand!

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