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Re: sdcc - Cross Compiler, Needs Packaging Standards?

Trond Danielsen <trond danielsen    > writes:
> There are a number of tools that are missing, that would make Fedora a
> more attractive target for engineers. A quick summary:
> - Tools for Atmels AVR and AVR32 processors. Both are supported by
> free software tools.
> - Tools for Analog Devices Blackfin. This DSP runs uclinux, and
> compilers and other related tools are available.

Add TIGCC to the list. http://tigcc.ticalc.org
It's a (heavily-patched) GCC + a (heavily patched) GNU as + a custom linker 
(ld-tigcc) + a custom C library (TIGCCLIB) + other tools targeting the TI 
calculators with a Motorola 68000 CPU, namely the TI-89, the TI-89 Titanium, 
the TI-92, the TI-92 Plus and the Voyage 200.

The legacy A68k assembler is non-Free, so that can't go into Fedora, however 
you get a fully-functional toolchain without it (with only the GNU assembler, 
which is what GCC uses anyway), you just can't build legacy assembly programs 
written for A68k. Everything else in TIGCC is Free Software under the GPL or 
compatible licenses (e.g. the libgcc exception for the runtime).

WARNING: My current RPM is a horrible kludge, so please don't try taking my 
current specfile and submitting it for review, it will never pass. ;-) (Copying 
installed binaries into the buildroot definitely isn't going to build in 
Mock...) If I have anything acceptable, I'll probably submit it for review 

As for the prefix problem: my RPM currently installs to /usr/local/tigcc, which 
is a blatant guideline and FHS violation. But if I'm going to change it, it'd 
better be to the correct location. ;-) So, is /usr/tigcc a good prefix to pick? 
Or would /usr/m68k-tigcc be better? (Our patched GCC doesn't care about what I 
pick, I can use pretty much any directory as the prefix provided it's not used 
by anything else.)

We also have:
* an IDE (KTIGCC, based on the KDE libs)
* an emulator (TiEmu) with an integrated (patched) GDB and Insight port and 
with a GPLed replacement OS called PedroM (so the emulator can be used out of 
the box without TI's non-Free OS; it can also load the non-Free OS of course): 
* linking software (TiLP): http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tilp/

        Kevin Kofler

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