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Re: sdcc - Cross Compiler, Needs Packaging Standards?

Warren Togami wrote:
> Warren Togami wrote:
>> BuildRequires: auto-grab-source
>> %prep
>> %setup -q
>> GRAB_SOURCENAME=glibc-2.5-fedora-20061008T1257.tar.bz2
>> GRAB_HASH=6aa114e3cde495c267ff8a6e55b90bec
>> GRAB_NAME=glibc
> It could be even simpler than this.
> BuildRequires: auto-grab-source
> Source#: sources
> %prep
> auto-grab-source glibc
> auto-grab-source gcc
> auto-grab-source binutils
> # auto-grab-source reads the sources file for filenames and hashes
> # needs %%{name} parameter because that isn't specified in sources
> %setup -q

I kinda like this, except that I think auto-grab-source might just as
well be an rpm macro, currently its too small IMHO to be in its own package.

That still leaves the question is this too evil for the many MB's it
will safe? Just like you Warren I honestly don't know. Do you know
anyone we could ask? Maybe we should ask the FPC to rule on this?



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