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Re: AWOL-Maintainer: Hugo Cisneiros

Johan Kok wrote:
> On 22-feb-2007, at 15:32, Sebastian Vahl wrote:
>> Am Thu, 1 Feb 2007 18:15:34 +0100
>> schrieb Johan Kok <johan-fedora deds nl>:
>>> Added that account and just spoke to him. He's not very available to
>>> work on FE packages at the moment. He will respond in this thread
>>> soon.
>> Have you heard a lifesign from Hugo? Or did I just missed the mail?
> Hm, I haven't heard anything from Hugo since that chat. I suppose he
> never wrote that mail we talked about. In the conversation he said that
> he was occupied at the moment and that he did not have time for Fedora.
> He suggested that anyone who would like to maintain or co-maintain one
> of his packages (with him) should do so and said that he would write
> that in a message to this list.

I say that he truely is AWOL then, so lets orphan his packages. Can
someone make the list of his packages (again) and post that to the list,
then give people a couple of days to pick up some of his packages.

Once its clear which ones get a new owner and which ones will get
orphaned we can send a list with this info to a CVS admin to make the
necessary changes.



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