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"make tag" in new branches?


after my speedcrunch review I was now able to checkout the speedcrunch module 
and upload the srpm as described in step 10 
in /wiki/Extras/NewPackageProcess.
The build went as usual. After that I wanted to create packages for the other 
branches as well. The mentioned howto says in step 11 that I have to copy 
the 'sources' file, the *.spec file and all patches (one *.destkop file in 
that case) to the branch directory. The .spec file and the patches are 
supposed to be "cvs add"ed, and cvs commit does the rest.

However, when you follow that rules you can't tag or build a branch because 
there is no Makefile. I tried to simply copy the Makefile but then the build 
log gives me
"Error: could not make srpm for speedcrunch-0_7-0_4_beta2_fc5 - output was:
make: *** No rule to make target `srpm'. Stop."

What do I have to do now?


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