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Re: "make tag" in new branches?

Roland Wolters wrote:
> Hi,
> after my speedcrunch review I was now able to checkout the speedcrunch module 
> and upload the srpm as described in step 10 
> in /wiki/Extras/NewPackageProcess.
> The build went as usual. After that I wanted to create packages for the other 
> branches as well. The mentioned howto says in step 11 that I have to copy 
> the 'sources' file, the *.spec file and all patches (one *.destkop file in 
> that case) to the branch directory. The .spec file and the patches are 
> supposed to be "cvs add"ed, and cvs commit does the rest.
> However, when you follow that rules you can't tag or build a branch because 
> there is no Makefile. I tried to simply copy the Makefile but then the build 
> log gives me
> "Error: could not make srpm for speedcrunch-0_7-0_4_beta2_fc5 - output was:
> make: *** No rule to make target `srpm'. Stop."
> What do I have to do now?
> Roland

Strange, it looks like the CVs-admin made some kinda error as normally
the Makefile is there. I think you now need to cvs add, commit and tag
the makefile



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