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Re: Packaging KDE window decorations, etc

On 2/26/07, Chitlesh GOORAH <chitlesh fedoraproject org> wrote:
Hello there,

I have dekorator which is ready for approval

But now with this new packaging draft for kde stuffs, what could be
the final decision ?

Should i stick with
- dekorator or
- kde-decoration-dekorator ?

I (without any power to do so) suggest that you stick with dekorator.

Secondly, moodin is also paving into the approval status.
Right now, it's ksplash-engine-moodin, should it be kde-ksplash-engine-moodin ??

I'll put in a category for splash screens into the draft. I would
again suggest leaving things as is till some consensus has been
reached on a standard.

Arthur, you missed ksplash in your drafts.

Will add. Thanks for pointing that out

Well as you can see, this draft is the only blocker for these 2
packages. The only question left is whether I should follow it or not.

I vote for not following it yet until it has been peer reviewed and ratified.

Can anyone shed light on this ?


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