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Re: Good Review Examples?

Warren Togami wrote :

> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Contributors
> Under the "Read Other Submissions" section, I think we should have a few 
> links to exemplary examples of how a package review should look like.
> What are the elements of a good review example?
> * Well formed submission as suggested by the template.
> * Constructive comments describing how the package can be improved.
> * Possibly some back and forth.
> * Properly formed fedora-cvs request
> * done
> Any good examples from recent review tickets?

Are you interested in counter-examples too? It's not a formal review,
but IMHO definitely highlights some of the possible misunderstandings
people can have from the guidelines :

- No constructive comments, just "MUST" (some wrong) and "SHOULD"
- No indication of it's formal or just some preliminary comments


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