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[Issue 88613] Canvas: cairo-based font rendering

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------- Additional comments from mox openoffice org Wed Apr 23 11:01:22 +0000 2008 -------

I agree that using pango/harfbuzz for layout, instead of the OOo-specific one is
highly desired.

However, to be eligible as a replacement for VCL (and justify the amount of
work), it would need to provide SAME or BETTER font layout as VCL does currently
AND have that level of quality as CROSS PLATFORM library. Just porting one
platform is not enough.

So a layout replacement would need to support equally well AT LEAST - Unix/X11,
Windows and Mac OS X. Preferably using platform native functions on Win/Mac when
possible, while ensuring there are not major differences on layout on different
platforms. (Mozilla/Firefox is aiming at "no differences", I guess).

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