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[Bug 368561] ligature-related font rendering bug with 'ff' and 'fi'

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--- Comment #17 from Kevin Kofler <kevin tigcc ticalc org>  2008-11-09 17:11:42 EDT ---
* Qt/KDE 3 never used those ligatures, nobody ever complained about that.
* I remember reading about complaints from users of languages with dotless i
(mainly Turkish) about the fi and ffi ligatures which hide the dot on the i in
several fonts.
* Why can't a letter just be a letter? (It's not just ligatures, kerning for
letter pairs like To where the o gets moved into the empty space of the T is
similarly funky.) All those special cases make the fonts look irregular and

Basically, those ligatures cause this bug without bringing any tangible
benefit. Even with this bug fixed, they may still get noticed (as in: hey,
there's some weird ligature here which jumps to the eyes) and fail in their
intent at getting read as the letter pairs/triplets they're supposed to


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