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[Bug 457947] Review Request: oldstandard-sfd-fonts - Old Standard Fonts

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--- Comment #21 from Martin-Gomez Pablo <pablo martin-gomez laposte net>  2008-11-19 17:58:24 EDT ---
> The doc on changelog doesnt tell me which ones dist and which ones version.. :(
> so i havent changed that in this one.. (pablo please help me with this)
It's quite simple to understand, for exemple, your spec:
Version:        1.1
Release:        1%{?dist}
The number after "Version:" is the version one, it's given by upstream and you
must not change it. So put "1.0" as it's the version of the font.
The "Release:" number is a distro/package specific number, so each time you add
an entry in the changelog, you increment by one this number. So currently, it
should be "3%{?dist}".

Also your changelog format is not correct, you have to add your email address
as said in the guidelines

> The warnings for the docs is still present.. How do i correct that?
You should add the code proposed by Nicolas in the review request of the
bonveno fonts in the %prep section  .

> You have many font substitution examples in the dejavu font packages. Do not
> forget to declare your font is an acceptable substitute for all the different
> Old Standard variant out there (TTF, OTF, etc)
Ok, so you have to duplicate the XML code I gave you, and just change the first
<family>Old Standard</family> to <family>Old Standard TTF</family>.
For register this font as a serif one, add the following to the fontconfig
    <family>Old Standard SFD</family>

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