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[Bug 528345] Firefox display problems

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--- Comment #16 from Joel Uckelman <uckelman nomic net>  2009-10-19 09:21:06 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #15)
> (In reply to comment #14)
> > The problem is not the page: It is valid HTML 4.01. It contains no scripting.
> > The CSS validates. The page displays properly on machines other than Sara's
> > laptop.
> > 
> > This bug should be reopened.  
> Not in our bugzilla (obviously it is not Red Hat-only bug), and I told you how
> to send a message to people who actually may help with it.  

Aha, I didn't realize that "Report Broken Web Site" would sent a report to the
Firefox devs; I thought it would just send a report to the webmaster, which
would be useless. We'll do that.

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