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Re: Bunch of new Fonts added to wishlist

Le Lun 26 novembre 2007 15:25, Sarantis Paskalis a écrit :

> As you saw already, these are packaged as mgopen-fonts.  The mgopen
> project, however, does not seem to be making any progress beyond the
> first release of the fonts.

Same thing as what happened to Vera. The various people wanting to
make the fonts evolve need to agree on a new FLOSS upstream like it
happened to DejaVu. IMHO we should not package all the MGOpen
derivatives before a clear new upstream emerges.

>> GFS Didot
>> GFS Bodoni
>> GFS Neohellenic
>> GFS Artemisia
>> GFS Theokritos
>> GFS Olga
>> GFS Didot Classic
>> GFS Porson
>> GFS Baskerville
>> GFS Bodoni Classic
>> GFS Gazis
>> GFS Solomos
>> GFS Porson
>> GFS Complutum
> I plan to package the above some time if noone beats me to it.

Already done but now the packages await review (half of them at least).

> When the
> tetex->TeXLive dust settles, I plan to also package the TeX-related
> bindings.

If you know tex please do Computer Modern Unicode - he's stuck waiting
for someone that understands tex to write a specfile that allows
building it from Fedora TEX in Fedora fontforge.

> A side question:  Does anyone have experience about packaging the same
> font both for X11 and TeX?  Do I need to include the same font files
> twice?  Create soft/hard links for efficiency?  Require one (X11) for
> the other (TeX)?

As I already answered bitmap and core X11 fonts users : the wiki is
open for new guidelines, as long as they respect our general packaging


Nicolas Mailhot

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