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New Upstream Version: lohit-fonts-2.1.8

Hi everyone,

JFYI, today I released a new version of lohit-fonts, both upstream and
fedora rawhide.
The upstream tarball is available at
It contains bug fixes for Malayalam and Assamese/Bengali fonts.
More details of the bug fixes can be found at
http://bugzilla.redhat.com on following bug reports:

- Bug 192812: [ml_IN]GPOS issues in new Malayalam font
- Bug 402321: [ml_IN} Wrong combinations used for the conjunct 'ന്പ'
- Bug 402331: [ml_IN] Wrong combinations used for conjunct 'ന്<200d>റ'
- Bug 424701: [ml_IN] words are shown joined (very low space shown on screen)
- Bug 429526: [ml_IN]: Removal of a glyph from font file
- Bug 247233: Additional special character rendering for assamese
[as-IN] and bengali [bn-IN]

Rahul Bhalerao.

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