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[Fwd: Re: GNU Unifont update]

[FWD because Paul Hardy forrgot to subscribe]

I just finished the glyphs and posted them at
http://unifoundry.com/unifont.html on 20 June 2008.  I then took a
vacation I had planned for a long time.  I was trying to get something
in releasable form before my vacation, but it didn't happen.

I intend to package all the sources used to build the GNU Unifont: my
software, plus software that Roman Czyborra wrote originally, plus
software that Luis Gonzalez Miranda wrote to convert the .hex font into
a TrueType font with my modifications, in one source tree with make
files and man pages.  I've been wrapping this up behind the scenes and
expect to finish this weekend.

I would like to go through the Fedora release process, starting with
just the font and then adding the whole source tree to build the font.
Qianqian Fang will be able to guide me through this process (and I've
been in frequent contact with him while adding the missing CJK glyphs),
but review by anyone else of course would be welcome.

If anyone would like updates on this, you can email me at
unifoundry unifoundry com and I'll keep you posted on the latest
developments.  Thanks for your interest!

Paul Hardy

Le Mer 2 juillet 2008 10:59, Debarshi Ray a écrit :
>>>> The maintaining expense for both packages is not that much though.
>>>> I would be glad to maintain GNU Unifont, or show Paul how to do
>>>> that
>>>> if he wants. The spec files for both packages can be almost
>>>> identical.
>>> Do you still want to do this? :)
>>> It would be nice to have Unifont in Fedora.
>> Or more generaly to have more fonts in Fedora. It's been ages since
>> anyone but the usual suspects packaged a new font in Fedora (and a
>> fixed team does not scale)
> Is someone already doing this? If not, then I am interested. If yes,
> then I can help with the review.

There are lots of unclaimed fonts on

If you have the time and interest please do not block on Unifont. Our
packaging wishlist has other elements.


Nicolas Mailhot

Nicolas Mailhot

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