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Re: Debian's working on a font tarball template - please check and comment

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
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De: Nicolas Spalinger À: OFLB
The note maybe but zipping font files with a detached .TXT file is good
practice and should be promoted.

Indeed. 100% agreed :-)

I'd also highly recommend a file in the release tarball describing the chosen licensing and some kind of readme/changelog. Actually that's why the OFL is promoting the concept of a FONTLOG and provides a template.

BTW, here's a proposed VCS branch and tarball template for an open font:

Your feedback very welcome,


Dear Nicolas (and everyone),

Thanks for fwd-ing to the Fedora list :-)

Let me quickly add that this is not intended to be Debian-specific at all but comes from suggestions and discussions with SIL designers, various people at the last LGM (Libre Graphics Meeting) TLM (TextLayoutMeeting) and UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit). More like a cross-distro, cross-OS type spec actually.

The purpose is to make life easier for designers/script engineers wanting to use a (D)VCS for collaborative open font design and *also* for packagers who make this work available in the distros :-)

Awaiting your feedback.

Nicolas Spalinger

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