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fonts package naming guideline

Nicolas brought up the point recently in a font package review that we should standardize the naming of our fonts packages to improve consistency. The proposal is to name all source packages in the form "*-fonts".

If we agree on this then I think the Fonts Packaging guidelines should be updated to explicitly reflect this policy.

Here is a list of our source packages that do not currently end in "-fonts":

These old fonts packages should be renamed I guess:
 fonts-ISO8859-2 -> ISO8859-2-fonts?
 fonts-KOI8-R -> KOI-R-fonts?

This should probably change:
 fonts-hebrew-fancy -> fancy-fonts? (from culmus.sf.net)

 thaifonts-scalable (upstream name) -> thai-scalable-fonts?

The following are already in the process of disappearing from rawhide:

 fonts-arabic - pending removal
 fonts-hebrew -recent devel dead.package
 fonts-japanese - renamed to japanese-bitmap-fonts today

A few others (*font*):
efont-unicode-bdf -> unicode-bdf-fonts? (maybe better to replace with GNU Unifont?)
 freefont (maybe this too?)
 terminus-font -> terminus-fonts?

3, TeX fonts
Probably TeX fonts are outside this discussion?:

(tetex-fonts-hebrew, tex-fonts-hebrew, tetex-eurofont, tetex-font-cm-lgc, tetex-font-kerkis)

Did I miss any? :)


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