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packager for liberation sans derivative needed (was: Re: Call for OpenType fonts!)

On Jul 22, 2008, at 11:40 AM, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Le Mar 22 juillet 2008 16:16, Vasile Gaburici a écrit :

Since we are debating the state of Fedora fonts, I'd also like to add
that Fedora should ship as many OpenType fonts as possible.


Other than that, I fully agree with you, but that means recruiting new
font packagers. At the rate we're going now, it's going to take many
releases to process

i have worked on a derivative version of liberation sans for a client (a public university in brazil). i have made several changes to the design of the existing fonts (it is closer to univers and akzidenz grotesk), and created new ultralight and extrabold weights as well as small caps, proportional numbers and case-sensitive punctuation for the text fonts (but no greek or cyrillic).

the university will be releasing their new visual identity soon, along with the fonts. i plan to release an extended version* of the family (under a different name) in september/october through my foundry.

* including condensed and extended fonts for use in newspapers and magazines

[the fonts were designed in the 'ivory tower' way, with mostly proprietary software (macosx, fontlab, superpolator).]

i would be happy if these fonts could end up in linux distros.

if anyone is interested in testing the fonts on linux and taking care of the packaging, please drop me a line.

- gustavo.

ps: the fonts are in opentype cff format.

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