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[LONG] The fonts SIG irregular status report

Hi all,

I haven't been too active on the SIG lately for lack of free time.
However others (who rock) have been busy working on fonts packages, so
here is a long delayed status update that will try to clear the backlog:

▪▪ General status

— We have 56 entries in the wishlist. Even counting entries the packager
forgot to recategorize (grrr) I think the wishlist is still growing
faster than we package fonts. More active packagers are obviously

— We have 58 entries in the packaged list.
It is still nicely growing, and Fedora 9 level reviews like this one are
already obsolete

— We've created 55 new packages since the start of the cycle (a wishlist
entry can translate in several packages). That's pretty awesome and way
past the 32 packages mark of the last report (and way past previous
Fedora cycle accomplishments). Special kuddos to Dennis Jang for
packaging the huge UN Korean font set (though he needs to update his
wiki pages). Others didn't attain the level of awesomeness of Dennis but
still did pretty well.

▪▪ Package status

▪▪▪ Packaged, with bugs still open:
— sportrop-fonts,
— asana-math-fonts,
— icelandic-fonts

⇒ Packagers please close your review bugs when the packaging is

▪▪▪ Packaged, but not referenced in Fedora 10 comps
— myanmar3-unicode-fonts

That was short :) most packagers seem to apply
without prodding on my part. Good job and please fix this one.

▪▪▪ Packaged, with wiki page not finalized or missing

— thibault-fonts-essays1743,
— thibault-fonts-isabella,
— thibault-fonts-rockets,
— thibault-fonts-staypuft,
— un-fonts,
— un-extra-fonts,
— icelandic-fonts
— smc-fonts
– darkgarden-fonts
– sportrop-fonts
— myanmar3-unicode-fonts

⇒ Please make sure each font package has a completed wiki page (Packaged
fonts category) that can be used by the docs team in release notes and
other documents

▪▪▪ Reviewed fonts waiting for packager action
— bitstream-vera-fonts (old FE-MERGE ticket, needs someone to help
Behdad co-maintain the package)
— sil-gentium-basic-fonts
— hiran-perizia-fonts
— cf-bonveno-fonts
— arabeyes-thabit-fonts
— arabeyes-mothana-fonts
— alee-fonts
— hiran-rufscript-fonts

⇒ You know what you need to do

▪▪▪ Approved fonts not pushed yet
— unikurd-fonts

▪▪▪ Waiting for a reviewer
— heuristica-fonts (just cleared by FE-LEGAL)
— oldstandard-fonts
  (not an easy font to package and not baked yet IMHO. I put some
comments in the bug but didn't start formal review, so this one is still

⇒ We need some reviewers. I can't review every single font package out
there (especially since I'm not allowed to review my own).

In other news more interesting material was added to the SIG wiki and a
guideline change on fontconfig file location is still proceeding. And
the big F11 package renaming is still planned, I just don't have the
energy left to write about it.

I hope you liked this report. It took a lot of work to be written. If
you want some changes in the next edition, just ping me.


Nicolas Mailhot

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