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Re: Very nice of you to write the tl2rpm converter

Alternatively, although Nicolas won't like it, one could just symlink
texmf-dist/fonts/opentype/public under the system fonts dir. This is
definitely less work than splitting every TL font package. OTOH, you
could script the splitting easily enough since there are only otf
files in those dirs and no otf files go anywhere else in the TL tree.
Note that some fonts like Asana-Math (and probably others) are already
included separately in Fedora.

The situation is slightly more complicated with
texmf-dist/fonts/truetype because pdftex can use those fonts directly,
but it cannot find them via fontconfig (or any environment variable
that I know of, but there may well be one). So, they'd have to be
symlinked one way or the other in both the system fonts dir and the
tex-live fonts dir.

Nasty business these fonts are. ;)

On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 9:55 PM, Vasile Gaburici <vgaburici gmail com> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 9:32 PM, Nicolas Mailhot
> <nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
>> Le lundi 01 septembre 2008 à 19:39 +0200, Jindrich Novy a écrit :
>>> This looks like an optimal granularity for it since collections
>>> contain largest possible TeX Live bits that don't yet conflicts. But
>>> the review process for 400 generated specs quite scares me.
>> Just start by splitting out all the stuff useful to non-TEX users (ie
>> fonts) and you'll find reviewers and possibly co-maintainers. I'd rather
>> review a score of simple packages that follow standard templates than
>> the horror the current mashup is.
> That can't be done by just grouping the TeXLive packages, you'd need
> some splitting as well. In TL 2008 each font package contains the
> fonts in a bunch of formats, some of which are useful only for TeX,
> some of general interest.
> Take for instance a simple font like cyklop (a relatively new titling
> font from GUST -- don't worry these are digitizations of old metal
> fonts, so no copyright issues), which has only a regular and italic
> variants. In the same package you find the two .otf files of general
> interest, two afm/pfb pairs of legacy interest, as well as a whole
> bunch of (La)TeX-specific files (.fd, .tfm, .enc, .map and a .sty) for
> various (La)TeX 8-bit encodings. As you know all these files are
> essentially only metrics and encoding vectors; TeX82 drivers and
> pdfTeX use the pfbs for the actual glyphs.
> There's no problem moving the otf files to the system font dir
> however. XeTeX can find them via fontconfig, and for LuaTeX you can
> Note that the LuaTeX that ships with TeXLive 2008 is hardly usable: it
> has bugs in it's font cache code, and it's installed (as in copied)
> but not really cofigured by TL (there's a page with instructions on
> contextgarden if you really want to use it), so don't worry too much
> about it. Anyone interested in LuaTeX uses the ConTeXt "minimals"
> distro these says --- LuaTeX doesn't currently support LaTeX or plain
> TeX.
>> --
>> Nicolas Mailhot

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