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Fedora needs your help

Dear all,

As some of you know Fedora 11 will feature automatic font installation¹.

This is a genuinely new feature that does not try to ape what other
operating systems do and play on Linux's traditional attention to
localization and internationalization. It's a free/libre alternative to
the DRM-ed distribution channels proprietary foundries are pushing right

However, awesome new installation code is not sufficient. To work well
this feature requires a large and sane font package pool to draw on. To
provide this pool the Fonts SIG has worked hard to define clear and sane
packaging guidelines last year³. 

The maintainers of affected packages were notified two months ago of
needed changes⁴. However, while many reacted fast, others have still not
started looking at it⁵.

With only one month left before Fedora 11 beta it's time for others to
step up and help adapt the remaining packages. Please take a look at the
bugzilla tracker⁴, adopt an open bug, and propose spec file changes
there. Extensive documentation was written⁶ for this operation and you
do not need to be a font expert to participate.

Also, changing such a large pool of packages is never mistake-free, and
we also need testers to QA⁷ the changes. Please take a look at the
bugzilla tracker⁴, adopt a closed bug, and check the corresponding
package was converted properly.

I'm afraid we are massively short-handed right now. Please help.


¹ http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/AutomaticFontInstallation
² http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embedded_OpenType
³ Finally ratified in January 2009, but their expected content was
public a long time before)
Nicolas Mailhot

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