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fontforge scripting change


I took a deeper look tonight as to why one of my fonts failed in the
mass rebuild, and tracked it down. 

The last version of fontforge I built, I enabled the python extensions,
thinking they were just an extra nice feature, and it was requested. 

However, this has one side effect: the default scripting lang changes
to python. 

In order to use old "legacy" fontforge scripts, you have to pass
fontforge '-lang=ff'. 

I don't know how many other fonts hit this issue, but I thought I would
mention it here. 

We could revert the python bindings being enabled, but I think this is
a nice feature our users would want, and with fontforge calling the old
scripts "legacy", I think it's what people will expect moving forward. 

So, if you had a font build failure and you use a old style fontforge
script, please pass '-lang=ff' and see if that fixes things. 


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