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Packaging questions


I'm currently reading all that packaging stuff and start working on my first font. I've chosen Tagesschrift from the wishlist, you can find the webiste here: http://www.yanone.de/typedesign/tagesschrift/

If I don't explain my problems well you can find my current status here: http://palango.fedorapeople.org/

Well, first some questions to fontconfig. Tagesschrift is a serif font, but I'm not sure if I should declare its family as serif or fantasy because it's a kind of distorted. The other thing is the numeral prefix. I set it to 60 because it's latin but I'm not sure if it's not more a low priority font (means 61-64). Like to hear your opinion on that two things.

I'm coming to the .spec file now. Everything is clear until the %setup -q command. Do I need to make any changes to this because the archive is a zip rather than a tar.gz archive? Next section is the %install command. This is really difficult for me. How can I find out where all this variables (_fontdir, _fontconfig_templatedir, ...) are pointing to?

That's all for now. Thank you for your help!


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