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Re: EPEL support

Le Mar 6 octobre 2009 22:28, Michel Alexandre Salim a écrit :
> Hello,


> Is there a reason fontpackages is not available on EPEL (both EL-4 and
> EL-5)? I don't currently have my CentOS virtual machine set up
> (VirtualBox is a bit annoying to set up on Rawhide), otherwise I would
> have tested this myself.

The only reason is that I do not have the time (or interest) to do EPEL. You
are welcome to take any of my Fedora packages and push it EPEL-side.

Please note however that the spec templates in fontpackages use every trick
Fedora rpm supports to be as simple as possible, so if you want to epel-ize
them you need to patch in cruft older rpm versions need. (also I don't
remember what ancient version of fontconfig is in RHEL4, if it's too old is
may be that adapting fontpackages to it is too much work to be worth it at

Nicolas Mailhot

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