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Re: Fedora games Live CD?

In my opinion we should select a core of two or three bigger games
that would be a good promotion of LiveCD and then fill the empty space
with smaller games.
That is because most of players would be definitely more interested in
well-known newer games than the classics.

I'd select Wesnoth and OpenArena or Nexuiz. Why?
 - Wesnoth - because it's a really popular game that is better than
many commercial available games, turn-based games have many fans (not
to mention HoMM) and having it in Fedora may attract lots of folks
playing this type of games.
 - OpenArena or Nexuiz - popularity of network FPS's is a thing that
doesn't need to be explained. Both can be played offline too unless
somebody owns internet connection.

With this selection we could draw fans of strategy and action games.
What do you think?

Michał Bentkowski
mr ecik gmail com

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