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Re: Parallel Realities Games have non-free content

Tom spot Callaway wrote:
Recently, it has come to light that all Parallel Realities games were knowingly using and including non-free content (graphics, audio, etc).

See: http://www.happypenguin.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4725&highlight=

Accordingly, we need to block these packages from Fedora:


Ok I've been in contact with upstream about this and I got the following list from them of resources which they got from various places and they thus cannot give any license guarantees about:

For Blob Wars,

All Music
All Sound Effects

For Blob And Conquer

All Music
All Sound Effects

For Virus Killer

All Music
All Sound Effects

For Project: Starfighter
All Music
All Sound Effects
Character Portraits
Starfighter (and other spacecraft) images

My plan is to issue updates for blobwars and blobAndConquer removing music and sounds (and patching source as necessary to not crash when these are missing).

Then I'll be replacing the music which is all mod / xm / s3m with modtracker files from modarchive.org which only contains freely (re)distributable modtracker files (license already approved by Spot).

Last I will be replacing the sound effects with sound effects from other free games in Fedora, mainly freedoom, nexuiz, tremulous, opearena and worminator.

I'll do the same for viruskiller as that one is from Matthias, and Matthias seems to have little time for Fedora lately.

Project starfighter will have to be removed until we can fix the graphics issue, I've contacted Nicu and Marin asking them if they can maybe do some replacement graphics for starfighter.




As I still have quite a bit webcam work todo before the F10 beta for now I'll only be removing the sounds / music, adding replacements is something which I will do in a later update. In the mean time any help with this would be much appreciated, if you want to help please drop me a mail to coordinate.

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