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Re: Games packaging guidelines

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Hans de Goede wrote:

Before being proposed they would need some polishing, esp the one about packaging data seperately needs to be clarified and once it is clarified its kinda already in the guidelines (which already contain text about having one srpm per upstream tarbal AFAIK), the others are mostly little (often important_ details so I'm not sure if they should be made into generic guidelines.

But a pointer to them definetely is a good idea.

I split some of the information in the games sig page into their own sub pages as it was getting too long and I think more of that needs to be done.


That indeed was necessary

Please clarify any information needed and let me know so that I can propose adding a link to it to the packaging committee. Weren't you planning to becoming a member BTW?

I volunteered yes, I haven't heard anything since.



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