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Re: Openarena and ioquake3 problem

Michał Bentkowski wrote:

Following Hans's suggestion in bug [1], I decided to make openarena
work using quake3 engine available in repo. Everything seemed to work
good, I even built the package in rawhide (but it's been already
untagged) when it turned out that multiplayer is unplayable
First of all, quake3's openarena doesn't look for servers on
dpmaster.deathmask.net master server (which is the right one for it)
but the default one *even* if I explictly set sv_master1 parameter.
But it's not a big problem at all. The much worse thing is that
quake3's openarena just quits when I type known IP address of a
server. It leaves following messages:

Good news, I've had some time to work on this and I've made several small patches for the generic ioquake3 to make it play well together with openarena.

A build for devel is on its way here:

Grep the srpm there and rebuild for F-8, or download the pre build rpms for devel.

The correct command to start openarena is:
quake3 +set fs_homepath $HOME/.openarena +set fs_game baseoa +set cl_master dpmaster.deathmask.net

Assuming that ~/.openarena has already been created and populated by the current openarena launcher script.



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