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Re: Openarena and ioquake3 problem

Michał Bentkowski wrote:
Thank you Hans, you did a really, really good job! All people here
should appreciate it!
I have one suggestion though. You've made a patch not to be asked by
openarena for cdkey. It could be combined with another patch. When
trying to connect to any server, in terminal could be read:

Resolving authorize.quake3arena.com
authorize.quake3arena.com resolved to

It's no use, because it even doesn't try to authorize the game then
(which is a correct behaviour). In extreme example this useless
resolving could slow down connecting to server.
I wouldn't label this fix as must-do though.
Anyway, thanks for fixes you've made once again!

Erm, I'm not sure where you got the idea it doesn't even try to authorize, it does seem to connect and send a request judging from the code. I don't know whats done with the result, I guess the result gets ignored later on. But as I don't fully understand whats happening I would rather leave it as is.



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