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Re: Patent concerns

My rather facetious point is that there is a whole bunch of
unenforceable patents out there in what is a rather rubbish system
that it's dire need of reform.

It's ridiculous that you can patent a gameplay style.  In any other
western country that patent would not be granted.

Not abusing trademarks is one thing, but being forced to tip toe
around issues like incredulous patents is a slap in the face.  So,
only that company is allowed to make that type of game, a style that's
been around for decades before them?

I can understand Red Hat's corporate stance, but surely there's a
moral one here to and just caving in to a bit of legal strong arming
is not setting out what Red Hat is about, a company that has
traditionally operated on strong moral principles.

 - C

On Jan 17, 2008 3:10 PM, Free Gamer <freegamerblog gmail com> wrote:
> I appreciate the concern over patents here, but at the same time I'm
> pretty sure that the Linux kernel infringes on a whole bunch of
> patents - when are you going to remove that?
> I'm serious.
>  - C

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