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Re: Patent concerns

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008 08:09:58 -0500,  Tom "spot" Callaway" wrote:
> No, the patent is pretty darned specific. Its "targets moving in a
> straight line" to a "predetermined point or line", and the player
> having to hit a button at that precise point or line to get points.
> If you're shooting the target, doesn't apply. If there is cursor
> motion involved, doesn't apply.

What a crock of @#$%, I've seen this been done a few times.
"Parappa the Rapper" on PS1 from 1995 comes to mind, it does *exactly*
what the above paragraph states.

Also, the Amiga was flooded with
synth-based games due to its audio processing power for its time.

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008 10:33:19 -0500, Tom "spot" Callaway" wrote:
> The primary patent of concern is US 6347998, held by Konami.

Just read that patent at:


and said in its header:
> Game system and computer-readable recording medium
> US Patent Issued on February 19, 2002

If that patent really does applies from 2002 onwards _only_, is
"Parappa the Rapper" from circa 1995 enough prior art?


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