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RFC: A truly cross-distro game packaging list (was: Re: Chromium BSU upstream developers needed!)

On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 7:37 AM, Paul Wise <pabs debian org> wrote:

>  > I'd like to add interested people to the project so they can commit
>  > patches from their distros or that they have created. If you are
>  > interested, please let me know what your sourceforge login is.

I want to propose to create a cross-distro game mailing list. I know
the idea has been floating around a few times, but nothing seems to be
happening. What I have in mind is a place to share interesting patches,
hot new games, critical holes, try and get ahold of elusive upstreams by
help of people who already have a package & thus contact and whatnot.

I would especially be interested in the opinions of non-Debian people if
they would have any interest in joining such a list. Feel free to
snowball the idea around your respective lists, as well.

As soon as I have some feedback, I would want to go ahead and create
a list. Obvious options for hosting are:

1) Debian servers (will find out if that is OK)
2) Private Domain
3) berlios.de et al

On a hunch, I would go for berlios as 1) might bias the list towards
Debian, which I do not want and while 2) is trivial, it is usually
better to use domains that are with large entities, not with single
people. I prefer berlios.de over sf.net as it reeks less of dying
dinosaur and over google code as google's list subscription processing
and their user support are a black hole.


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