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Re: RFC: A truly cross-distro game packaging list (was: Re: Chromium BSU upstream developers needed!)

* Richard Hartmann <richih mailinglist gmail com> [2008-03-18 09:56:23 CET]:
> 1) Debian servers (will find out if that is OK)

 Would be definitely o.k., but I follow your reasoning of that it would
sound too much Debian specific and thus should rather be avoided to not
discourage other people to join in.

> 2) Private Domain

 Would mean a maintenance overhead which isn't really needed, there is
enough of offers flying around.

> 3) berlios.de et al

 ... personally I would suggest gna.org from which I like the offerings
quite well. It's savannah from the FSF France which in my opinion is
pretty much more libre than savannah itself. It feels more comfortable
to me - but I'm not against a particular site, only I do dislike the
sf.net mailinglist advertising immensly, especially when it sends me
microsoft ads. %-/

 So long,

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