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Re: 3D worlds and server/client software

Ric Moore wrote:
Would this be a good place to discuss 3D worlds, tools, servers and
clients?? It would be a pretty huge environment to add to games for
Fedora. But, it really needs to be done in some fashion, IMHO.
We, as Linux users need the numbers to present to these communities, in
order to let our presence be known and to start getting some attention
to the needs of folks like us, who refuse to use closed source
I've been collecting different 3D schemes from all over the net. It
seems like everyone likes to have Linux represented for server sides, if
for no other reason to take advantage of being license-less. But the
client side goes to M$, more often than not, being closed source and for
sale. So, I need to learn to create and maintain rpms. I'd like to
voyage through the 3D landscape and find those that are willing to allow
us to distribute the open-source 3D projects. What say the group?? Ric

I think it would be excellent to have someone package-up the various FOSS 3d world clients and servers. Even better if you also strat working on fixing license issues where these disallow us to distribute the server / client.



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