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Re: Game Idea

Jacob Smith escribió:
there are to many "quake" style and "doom" type of games for linux i think, i want to make a completely orignal game as kinda a tribute to Resident Evil, it will have game play from differnt types of games i like, Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Gallerians and Vampire The Masqurade. I have a decent grasp of what i want to do but I lack the knowledge, skills to do it. I am not well versed in linux I do use it off and on along with Windows, I switch back alot due to the poor quality of Yahoo messenger (i like my yahoo radio and able to use webcam with my friends) and the selection of games. everyone linux user must admit windows does have better games currently but i know alot of ports by game companys have been coming to linux and games that have always supported them like ID software and there Doom Games, Never winter nights, the qaukes but they aernt as good as the windows versions. linux uses opengl but do the so many differnt progarm langs it can use and the lack of "real hd audio" windows remains the better for games. but I want to create a true high visual quality game for linux using opengl 1.5 or 2.0 i havent really decided which wuold be better i know lots of people who use linux due so on older machines. i was also thinking of 'locking' the res like old games did in the mid 90s so they could opitmize the graphics/speed better when you have tons of opitions for color/detail/rez you loose alot of opitimizes you can do. so i'm looking for some people to help bounce ideas on and who can program to help out while i try and decide which program lang i wanna learn and start to work on it.


I don't thin I follow you completely here... The main thing is that you have a good idea of what you want. I think that you should start by having your project well defined, preferably named, and it would be better to open a project in sourceforge or the like. Also it would be a good idea to propose your project in the forums and see if you could recruit programmers and artists there. Just so you have a good guide on what your general idea might be, it would be a good idea to have all your project written down and outlined, from story, things you'd like to see, etc.

I don't know what do you mean by the whole argument about Windows Vs Linux gaming. The API difference is rather self explainatory, but the whole deal with "HD" audio, first define what do yo mean by that? Do you mean "multichannel" audio? Of course you have multichannel audio, do you mean hardware accelerated audio? Well, even Vista lost that. Sure is no excuse, but as far as I know there might be some hardware accelerated OpenAL coming down the road.

As far as the style, I like the idea of locking the resolution to make way for optimizations, however you should think of about two resolutions, one for normal 4:3 aspect ratio and one for widescreen aspect ratio (1.6), as for the API, maybe go with OpenGL 2.0 with a fallback, but the actual programmers could shine a light that and its feasibility.

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