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[Fwd: Re: Lost Labyrinth]

Hi all,

I'm forwarding this reply of mine to Markus (the Author of Lost Labyrinth), to get a discussion going on howto best package Lost Labyrinth. Yes Lost Labyrinth can be packaged for Fedora/Debian now, as a Free purebasic compiler has been written named elice.

As you read in the forwarded mail my first idea was to seperately package elice, but according to Richard, the author of elice, elice only supports a subset of purebasic (the subset that Lost Labyrinth uses), and this is likely to stay like this. So elice really is mroe of a Lost Labyrinth compiler then a full purebasic compiler. Richard also expects that for the coming few releases at least each new Lost Labyrinth release will be accompanied by a new elice, so currently I'm tending to putting both elice and Lost Labyrinth in one sourcepackage, and bootstrap Lost Labyrinth using the included elice, and never put elice itself in any binary packages, what do you think?

Next I'll also forward a reply from Richard where he explains about the current state of elice.

Thanks & Regards,

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Markus Döbele wrote:
I am glad that you tried and suceeded with compiling laby.
What should be the next step for me/us?
We need somebody that likes to help us with integration into debian as we do not know the mechanics and stuff.

Hi Markus,

Nice to meet you! First of all let me make one thing clear, I'm not a Debian developer, I'm a Fedora developer. I'm subscribed to the debian-devel-games mailinglist because in Fedora I'm repsonsible for packaging quite a lot of games and we (the Debian and Fedora games teams) try to work together, as to not reinvent the wheel.

With that said, I'm indeed planning on creating a lostlaby package for Fedora now that the compiler problem is solved, many thanks to Richard for that!

I understand your main interest is in getting a package ready for Debian / Ubuntu, well I think that atleast 90% of the work is getting a package ready for any Linux distribution which like Debian and Fedora tries to be 100% FOSS and build everything from source. So creating a Fedora package will come a long way into getting things ready for creating a Debian package (and visa versa), if you want I could and would like to send CC's of our discussion to the debian-devel-games list, so that they can chime in if I'm heading in a direction which is not good for them. Is it ok with you to make this discussion public?

Now with that all said, lets get down to "business" you asked: "What should be the next step for me/us", well there are 2 ways to build a lostlaby package for Fedora (and the same will go for Debian):

1 quick and dirty, do an svn checkout of elice and put that together with the
  lostlaby sources and resources in one big tarbal and build from that.

  Pros: 1 I could start working on this today and have it finished tomorrow
  Cons: 1 Its ugly
        2 See 1
        3 Fedora (and Debian too) has a review process where a new package must
          be checked by another contributer to be up to the QA standards, this
          will most likely not pass review
        4 Its still ugly

2 elice is a purebasic compiler, and as such could be used (now or in the
  future) for compiling other purebasic code too. As such elice should really
  be packaged seperately. Then a clean lostlaby package can be made from the
  already available 2.9.1 sources and a separate package for the resources

  Pros: 1 This is the golden way, and this is how it must be done in the long
  Cons: 2 Takes more time

I would very much like todo this using method 2, as I would rather do this right in one go. So to answer you question, the next step for us would be to make a formal release of elice in the form of a source tarbal say a 0.1 release, or if Richard feels that his code is more 0.9 / 1.0 a 1.0 release.

Which is why I've taken the liberty to add Richard to the CC of this mail. What needs to happen is to add some docs (atleast a simple README) and a make install target to the current elice svn code, so that elice can be installed under /usr/bin and any files it needs to generate code under /usr/share/elice or (if arch dependent) under /usr/lib/elice, and elice needs to be thought to search for the needed files there.

When this is done a source tarbal needs to be spun and made available somewhere public, say lostlaby's sf.net project page.

Once this is done I can make a Fedora package for elice and then next for lostlaby.



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Datum: Mon, 12 May 2008 17:25:19 +0200
Von: Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl>
An: Miriam Ruiz <little miry gmail com>
CC: "Markus Döbele" <mar_doe gmx de>, debian-mentors lists debian org, debian-devel-games lists debian org
Betreff: Re: Lost Labyrinth

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
2008/5/12 Vincent Bernat <bernat debian org>:
OoO En ce  début d'après-midi nuageux du lundi 12  mai 2008, vers
 je disais:

 >> I am new to this list so I first want to say hello to everybody.

 >> Since a few days we can compile our game Lost Labyrinth with a free
 >> So the whole game is open source now.
 >> It is written in purebasic which is commercial. But the new
 >> translates it to c++ and creates an executable.

 >> I would like to know if somebody here would like to maintain it.
 >> Create a deb for it (I already have a script that creates a deb for
 >> version with the old compiler) and maintain it for debian.

 >> Maybe this would be a nice addition for the games sector of debian?
It would be really nice to have it in Debian, but I wonder if it would
have to go to contrib. Even though it can be exported to C++, the
source code (as in "the preferred format for modification") will still
be purepasic, wouldn't it?

Does the generated C++ code depend on some non-free libraries?

Actually I just checked this out after seeing the previous mail in this
thread, and it seems that lost labyrinth now is 100% free software in lostlaby's svn there now is a module called elice, which is a Free purebasic -> c++

It's currently geared to compiling lostlaby, so I'm thinking about just bundling it with the lostlaby purebasic sources and building a Fedora package that way, either way this is definitely good news!

I've just compiled lostlaby with this using 100% free software from .pb
files to an 64 bit elf binary.



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