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Re: [Fedora-i18n-list] can't install iiimf

Thanks Leon,

Leon Ho wrote:

The file may be corrupted.

Yes, it was corrupted.

For your info, the file size and md5sum should be:
Filesize: 88875
md5sum: 539ebdced3ebc9de317dc380eb701542 iiimf-protocol-lib-11.4-1.FC1.2.i386.rpm

Then I got this, thanks.

It says:
LANG={ko_KR.UTF-8|ja_JP.UTF-8|zh_CN.UTF-8|zh_TW.UTF-8} GTK_IM_MODULE=iiim gedit
This is confusing, I think.
[khirano localhost khirano]$ LANG={ko_KR.UTF-8|ja_JP.UTF-8|zh_CN.UTF-8|zh_TW.UTF-8} GTK_IM_MODULE=iiim gedit
bash: ja_JP.UTF-8: command not found
bash: zh_CN.UTF-8: command not found
bash: zh_TW.UTF-8}: command not found
[khirano localhost khirano]$ LANG="{ko_KR.UTF-8|ja_JP.UTF-8|zh_CN.UTF-8|zh_TW.UTF-8}" GTK_IM_MODULE=iiim gedit
(gedit:3407): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
Using the fallback 'C' locale.
[khirano localhost khirano]$ LANG="ja_JP.UTF-8" GTK_IM_MODULE=iiim gedit
So it should be better to write:
LANG="ko_KR.UTF-8" GTK_IM_MODULE=iiim gedit,
LANG="ja_JP.UTF-8" GTK_IM_MODULE=iiim gedit,
LANG="zh_CN.UTF" GTK_IM_MODULE=iiim gedit or
LANG="zh_TW.UTF-8" GTK_IM_MODULE=iiim gedit.


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