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Re: [Fedora-i18n-list] Traditional chinese and spanish

OH-lah Alejandro,

On Fri, 2004-06-11 at 01:54, Alejandro Regodesebes wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I'm trying to input traditinal chinese text in a
> Fedora core 2 machine with spanish environtment. And I
> can't manage it to work.
It works for me. :)

> I created a new user with chinese environtment, the
> programs works well, but it was imposible to input any
> character in the 3th tone (pinyin): the spanish
> distribution of the keyboard seems to put a point when
> inputting this tone.
Are you using a spanish keyboard rather than a 101 key US keyboard?
If so, maybe setting the keymap to US keyboard may get around the issue.

> In a full spanish environtment the window of iimf
> shows only a few of the characters, and it is
> imposible (for me) to input pinyin mode. Other problem
> is that the "ñ" character (the n letter with an ~
> above) doesn't work in OpenOffice.org when the iimf
> server is on (but it works in others programs). That
> very confusing for me.
Hmm..m..the window, are you referring to the candidate window or status

> With Fedora Core 1, however, I could work fine in a
> spanish environtment with a small script that sets the
> xcin environtment and launched openoffice next, but I
> don't know how to do something like this in Fedora 2
Ah...this is because the httx bridge is not started in FC2 when you are
in Spanish locale. I will attach a copy of the Test Case guide which you
can follow. It will be similar to setting up the environment in KDE. An
older version can be found at the following URL.


Let me know if this URL works for you, because I cant access it within
the network. :)

> ¿Can anybody help me to find documentation (in spanish
> or english, I'm just starting to learn chinese) or
> something to archieve a solution? 
> (¿Can anybody understand my english? :) sorry, my
> spanish is much, much, better) Thanks!
No problem. I can understand your English perfectly. :)


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