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[Fedora-i18n-list] Unable to input Japanese on stock FC2 intall: Can't add "Input Method Switcher"

Hello everyone,

 I recently installed Fedora Core 2, and have been trying to get
Japanese input working under an English environment (en_US.UTF-8).  When
I installed the system, I selected Japanese as a language that I wanted
to support.  IIimf packages look like they are installed:

[devans localhost devans]$ /sbin/service IIim status
htt (pid 2360) is running...

[devans localhost devans]$ /sbin/service FreeWnn status
jserver (pid 2397) is running...

[devans localhost devans]$ /sbin/service canna status
cannaserver (pid 2372) is running...

 I think those are all the services that I need to have running - they
are all started automatically (good!)  When I try to add the
"InputMethod switcher" applet to the panel, nothing happens.  I'm not
sure if this is related to the nothing showing up on the IM Switcher
when in English bug that I've seen mentioned, but I can't get any sort
of Japanese input to work anyway.

 What should I try next?  I think I will install the newest RPMs from
http://www.apac.redhat.com/iiimftest/files/fc2/, but I would like to
figure out what is going wrong - I assume that a default install with
Japanese language support should at least have the IM switcher show up.

Any help?


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