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Re: [Fedora-i18n-list] Formation of new translation team - Chinese (Hong Kong)

Hi Abel,

I am here :) Good to see you again. 

For translation wise, it is pretty easy. In Fedora Translation Project, all 
you have to do is request what locale you want to add in 
fedora-trans-list redhat com, and the Translation Project Leader will help 
you to add those po files.

Or if you have i18n.redhat.com account already, you can just create a fresh po 
files, and cvs add zh_HK.po.

Then, the files will be automagically fetched by the status page [1].

How many Hong Kong contributors you have invited at the moment? When your 
community is mature and is over five active members, we can also help to 
create a mailing list like fedora-trans-hk.

In regards to your question on modifying configure*/makefiles etc. 
'Usually' (of course there are no policy on this) when the maintainer sees 
there is a new, fully translated po, he/she will add the appropriate files 
updated to install that. If you of course want to speed things up, or the 
maintainer missed that, please feel free to notify them.

That is translation part. Before you want to get started, let's think about on 
the i18n development part - I would like to pick some of the issues to you 
for discussion:
 - How to organize language naming in applications such as anaconda. As you 
know currently zh_TW are regarded as Chinese (Traditional).
 - Translation fallback. If there are no translation in zh_HK, how to fall 
back to other locale? Using special case like LANGUAGE=zh_HK:zh_TW:zh is the 
last thing we want to do in Fedora.


[1]: http://i18n.redhat.com/cgi-bin/i18n-status

On Wednesday 21 December 2005 10:35, Abel Cheung wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to form a new translation team, as title. What procedure
> should I follow? I do already have an a/c in elvis.redhat.com, but
> haven't  been actively using it so far.
> Hong Kong has been using Taiwan translation for long time, but
> since the cultural and language difference is becoming large, so
> there is need to seperately handle them now, though the difference
> can perhaps be easily managed by a simple script.
> But even after adding Hong Kong translations (language code is
> zh_HK), most software should have configure.in/ac updated, or
> to be precise, updating ALL_LINGUAS variable in configure.in/ac.
> Is there any need to contact corresponding software maintainers
> as well?
> Best,
> Abel
> PS Leon Ho, are you here? If there is need then we can perhaps
> discuss all these things...
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