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Re: [Fedora-i18n-list] Re: naming scheme for fonts packages?

Le jeudi 01 mars 2007 à 09:29 +1000, Jens Petersen a écrit :
> Hi,
> Thanks for the followup.

No charge ;)

> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> > To be honest I'm not too fond of foo-font packages.
> Sorry, did you mean "fonts-*"?

Right, sorry

> I agree with you for fonts for Western languages for which it is 
> possible to have reasonable coverage with limited resources.

A general font like DejaVu does lao, arabic (better support is waiting
on better opentype support pango & qt-side) aboriginal canadian
syllabics, armenian, greek, cyrillic so I don't think the "western only"
qualifier applies. You just need to get people to work together, doing a
whole unicode block is no harder within an unicode font than within a
specific font (in fact it's easier since you don't have to redo latin
like all the asian fonts do now)

> > IMHO (which if worth what it's worth) you're not packaging generic fonts
> > for tibetan but a specific font project, and it deserves name recognition
> > just like any other upstream. So upstreamname-fonts seems more respectful
> > for me. Also have you though of what will happen should someone want to
> > package another tibetan font in a few months ?
> Well in the review we are actually now discussing putting two GPL 
> Tibetan fonts in the same package if it is going by the generic language 
> name.

That's the logical next step. It feels like putting kmail and evolution
in the same "MUA" package though. Can't you get by with a "Tibetan
support" comps group instead ? I will work with font packages crossing
langage boundaries, not force users to install every single font for one
langage (and in CJK countries that weights quite a lot), allow you to
follow two separate upstream release schedules, etc.


Nicolas Mailhot

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