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[Fedora-ia64-list] RE: fedora-xen-ia64 kernel integration!

I'd want to add my "Thanks!" to all that contributed to
getting this far in such a short period of time.


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From: Griffis, Aron 
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 1:27 PM
To: fedora-xen redhat com; fedora-ia64-list redhat com;
xen-ia64-devel lists xensource com
Cc: Fred Yang; Cardos, David; Ron Pacheco; Prarit Bhargava; Juan
Quintela; Dave Jones; Chris Wright
Subject: fedora-xen-ia64 kernel integration!

Good news: Yesterday the xen-ia64 changes to kernel-2.6.spec were
applied to Fedora kernel cvs, and last night
kernel-xen-2.6.17-1.2488.fc6.ia64.rpm was included in the Fedora Rawhide
for the first time!

Great news: The rpms have worked (full boot to dom0) on at least one
machine so far.  :-)

While there remains work to be done prior to FC6 release, these are
major hurdles overcome and represent the culmination of lots of work by
many people.  Thanks especially to:

    - Xiantao Zhang, Anil Keshavamurthy, Fenghua Yu and the rest of
      the team at Intel, especially for testing and development early
      in the project.

    - Akio Takebe at Fujitsu for testing and providing critical
      patches to make the 2.6.18 forward port build.

    - Prarit Bhargava at Red Hat for continually providing
      a communication channel between RH and the ia64 engineers, as
      well as providing assistance building, testing and patching.

    - Juan Quintela, Chris Wright and Dave Jones at Red Hat for
      helping us get xen-ia64 patches into the right places.

    - Jeremy Katz at Red Hat for taking the mkinitrd/grubby patches
      early, which helped pave the way for the kernel mods.

    - Isaku Yamahata and Tristan Gingold for putting so much work into
      bringing xen-ia64-unstable to its current functional state, and
      Alex Williamson and the rest of the xen-ia64-devel crew for
      providing lots of patches, especially removing the mkbuildtree
      scripts which were a showstopper for Fedora inclusion!

    - Ron Pacheco, Dave Cardos, Fred Yang and Wilfred Yu for working
      out schedules and covering the mgmt aspects.

As I said earlier, there's still work to do, but inclusion of these
patches was the major hurdle.  At this point it boils down to testing
and bug reports, rather than a major feature request, so it seems an
appropriate time to send out this message. :-)

Thanks everybody!


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