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[Fedora-ia64-list] rawhide install status on HP Integrity for rawhide-20060803

Starting with around the 20060803 build things are looking very good on
the installer side for HP Integrity.  I imagine other ia64 platforms
should be happier now as well.

The only issue I am still seeing is BZ 195259 where firstboot runs in X
GUI mode after a VNC install even on my headless systems.  I am told
that this will be fixed as part of a redesign in this area.

I have attached the full list of recent known issues.

tree: rawhide-20060803
kernel: 2.6.17-1.2510.fc6
anaconda: anaconda-

installation interfaces used:
kickstart               PASSED
serial console / text   PASSED
VNC                     PASSED
X window GUI            UNTESTED

boot methods:
pxe                     PASSED
boot.iso                PASSED
DVD                     PASSED

install media used:
NFS mount of a full tree  PASSED
DVD                       PASSED
NFS mount of .iso images  UNTESTED
CD                        UNTESTED

Systems successfully installed on:
rx2600 1CPU
rx2600 2CPU
rx2620 2CPU
rx4600 4CPU
rx8640 6CPU (montecito)
superdome 64CPU (still in progress but booted cleanly)

--------------------- New issues -----------------------
----------------------- existing issues -----------------------------
195259 – after doing a VNC install firstboot improperly runs in graphical mode
Workaround: if you have networking enabled you can log in to the system and
touch /etc/sysconfig/firstboot and reboot.  This will prevent firstboot from
running the next time.

Status: still broken in rawhide-20060726

------------------------------ resolved issues ---------------------------
200758 – anaconda VNC install fails: _X11TransSocketINETConnect() can't get
address for localhost:6007

Workaround: cannot use VNC

Status: fix verified in rawhide-20060803

200755 – anaconda dies with: AttributeError: XSetup instance has no attribute

Workaround: only happens with kickstart installs

Status: fix verified in rawhide-20060803

195203 – anaconda has trouble finding kickstart file
Workaround: when using ks= boot option you must specify the full path
including the name of the kickstart file itself (where you should just
need the path).

Status: still broken as of rawhide-20060802

200582 – NFS install doesn't work

Workaround: DNS issue, specify the NFS server via ip address instead of by

Status: working as of rawhide-20060801

196701 – anaconda segv when specifying static ip

Workaround: in the stage1 of anaconda use dhcp instead of specifying the ip
info manually.

Status: verified in rawhide-20060731

197804 – anaconda dies with: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x600000000012ec40
Workaround: no known workaround but does not happen on all systems.  Might
be related to getting incomplete info from dhcp server so potential workaround
would be to use hard IP address in the setup phase (i.e. before anaconda

Status: still broken as of rawhide-20060731

199946 – kickstart install exception: No such file or directory: '/tmp/ks-script.log'
Workaround: this happens at the end when it is running the post-install
scritps and your %post script does an NFS mount.  The install works OK otherwise
but any %post scripts don't get run.

Status: fix verified in rawhide-20060727

199138 – kernel panic during install bootup from create_gate_table

Workaround: none known

Status: fix verified in rawhide-20060723

199143 – stage1 anaconda w/DHCP: "There was an error configuring your network

Workaround: use static ip in anaconda stage 1

Status: fix verified in rawhide-20060723

196709 – anaconda improperly puts console=ttyS0 in elilo.conf

Workaround: when the system first boots up you will have no console unless
your system is one where the console truly is ttyS0.  If you have networking
set up you can log in and manually fix elilo.conf.

Status: fix verified in rawhide-20060723

196719 – selinux blocks NFS, ntp and probably others

Workaround: after installing modify the append= line in elilo.conf to add

Status: fixed as of rawhide-20060723

195218 – vnc reports wrong ip address under anaconda vnc install
Workaround: Not seen all the time.  anaconda now gives you a shell whiler
vnc is running.  You can start the shell to find the actual ip the system
is using.  Connecting to that ip works properly.

Status: fix verified in rawhide-20060723

196705 – anaconda complains with "unknown error" during VNC install

Workaround: just click the "close" button on the error message.  The install
appears to continue with no problems.

Status: fix verified in rawhide-20060723

195250 – anaconda hangs when given eth device that gets no dhcp response
Workaround: don't select the wrong eth device, you will need to hit reset.

Status: fix verified in rawhide-20060626 however timeout is _very_ long 
so it may not appear to be fixed at first

196316 – anaconda exception: iscsi instance has no attribute 'ipaddr'
Workaround: none

Status: fix verified in rawhide-20060626

192014 – vnc install fails with a BadRequest
Status: Fixed!  I was finally able to do a VNC install!!

<bz missing> - corrupted boot.img file
Status: Fixed

195021 – anaconda asks for network info multiple times
Status: Fixed as of rawhide-20060619

193609 – Error manually configuring network interface in text-mode install
Workaround: use DHCP when asked for network info to be used by installed

Status: fixed as of rawhide-20060619

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