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Re: [Fedora-ia64-list] Re: Four ways RH could help with xen-ia64

Hi, Juan, Aron and all

I fix Juan's http://hg.et.redhat.com/kernel/linux-2.6-xen-fedora 
to build on ia64.
But I have not booted linux kernel (not xen), 
and there are many compile warnings.
I'm fixing the tree now.

I used the attach config.
Please check them.

My fix patcheds are the blew. Please comments.
1. build_ia64_add_files.patch
   simple import gate.S, gate.ld.S, patch.c into arch/ia64/kernel
   (these are from linux-2.6.18-rc2)
2. build_ia64.patch
   some fix (resend_irq, ioremap, and so on)

Signed-off-by: Akio Takebe <takebe_akio jp fujitsu com>

Best Regards,

Akio Takebe

>On Sat, 2006-07-22 at 09:31 -0400, Aron Griffis wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> There are four ways you could be a big help to the xen-ia64 effort.
>> I have mentioned these in the past but never pulled them together into
>> a single request.
>Sorry for getting so long in answering you, but A PAE bug and getting
>linux-2.6-xen working on 2.6.18-rc2 have required all my attention :(
>> 1. Publish Juan's tree which is the result of his merge of
>>    linux-2.6.tip-xen, linux-2.6 and linux-2.6-xen.  How about
>>    http://people.redhat.com/quintela/linux-2.6.tip-xen-fedora.hg?
>>    As things stand right now, it's very difficult for ia64 devs to
>>    contribute to Juan's patch, for 2 reasons: (1) we never see it
>>    until after a new kernel rpm is published, (2) all we get is the
>>    final result, lacking the extremely helpful changeset history.
>It is based on 2.6.18-rc2.  It is on:
>It is public only since Tuesday (I was waiting for a place where to
>publish it).  Tree will not work on ia64, I didn't forward ported the
>ia64 changes, noly x86 & x86_64 (and it was painfull enough, time
>source, smp-alternatives x86_64, irqtrace, vDSO on x86 & friends meaned
>that I had to go back & re-apply series of patches one at a time to find
>a coulpe of bugs).
>> 2. Use matched xenlinux/hypervisor pairs.  At the OLS Xen mini-summit
>>    there was some discussion of compatibility.  The statements were:
>Believe me that we _try_, and very hard.
>> 	- old domU should run on new hypervisor
>Agreed.  I normally test plain fc5 domU on all my new kernels.
>> 	- new domU NOT guaranteed to run on old hypervisor
>We have found that lately this "normally" works, versus bugs.
>> 	- dom0 and hypervisor should be MATCHED
>Guess why HV on fedora is on the same package that the kernel, and they
>have indeed the same version number?
>>    Presently (kernel-2.6.17-1.2432.fc6.src.rpm) it appears that the
>>    hypervisor and xen patch are both dated 20060719.  That's a good
>>    sign! :-)   It would be great if you could provide some indication
>>    of your intent to continue using matched pairs.  Are they actually
>>    based on the same xen-unstable changeset?  We, the users, can't
>>    tell because the tarball is dated instead of cset-stamped, and
>>    Juan's tree isn't available.  See #1 ;-)
>Normally I add cset numbers in the changelog, but will try to put them
>into the HV version number (it maks as much sense as the date,
>About the source tree, it is already public.  It hasn't been published
>sooner due to lack of somobdy setting up a server.  Now it is done.
>> 3. Apply my kernel.spec and config changes at the end of this email.
>>    This would make it much easier for the ia64 developers to do test
>>    builds and track down failures.  Presently it's a pain for me to
>>    maintain this out of tree.
>Will do today.  Will send one email once this is done.
>> 4. Apply the xen.spec and libvirt.spec changes.
>> 	https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-xen/2006-July/msg00022.html
>> 	https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-xen/2006-July/msg00021.html
>>    Regarding libvirt.spec, I've talked with Daniel and he's just
>>    waiting for xen.spec to be ia64-enabled...
>Will talk with daniel when he is back from OLS.
>> Objections/comments?  I'll attempt to update any relevant BZs today.
>Will comment on the patches in a follow-up.
>Later, Juan.
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>Fedora-ia64-list redhat com

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