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Re: [Fedora-ia64-list] kernel 2.6.16-1.2097_FC6 unbootable on Itanium

>>>>> "Keith" == Keith Owens <kaos sgi com> writes:

Keith> Jes Sorensen (on 30 Mar 2006 03:57:04 -0500) wrote:
>> Please note that if I compile the kernel on a box with an old
>> installation and old toolchain the kernel boots, same source tree
>> built on a system with a new installation and it doesn't boot.

Keith> This sounds like a random data overwrite which depends on the
Keith> exact kernel layout.  Somebody else in SGI (Prarit ?) said that
Keith> they compiled your failing tree on the same platform and their
Keith> kernel worked.  Since the build userid and the pathname to the
Keith> kernel source tree are embedded in the binary, changing either
Keith> of those will disturb the kernel layout, possibly making the
Keith> problem move.

Keith> Jes, try renaming your source tree to something with a
Keith> different pathname length and rebuild the kernel.  Does the
Keith> problem change or go away?

Moved it to /tmp/a and built there - no go.


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