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[Fedora-ia64-list] Fedora ia64 Buglist 2007-4-23

Bugs filed against fedora-ia64.  If a you have filed a bug and
it is not listed below, then it is likely you did not file it under
the appropriate Product (Fedora Core) or Hardware Category (ia64).

Total bugs in each state:
ON_DEV  :   1
CLOSED  : 190
NEW     :  12
POST    :   3

RECENT MOVERS (changed in past 7 days): 184
230552: [NEW] ia64: Altix spinlock recursion leads to deadlock
229483: [POST] ia64: build fails in mon_bin_exit & mon_text_exit
229199: [POST] ia64: Fix noncoherent DMA API so devres builds/restore ia64 builds
228601: [CLOSED] FutureFeature BasKet 1.0 !!
228599: [NEW] FutureFeature BasKet 1.0 !!
226989: [ON_DEV] Crash during package update
225459: [NEW] Anaconda vgcreate failure
225387: [CLOSED] please add support for booting into a x64 system with a x64 kernel
224666: [NEW] unaligned access messages from setroubleshootd
224662: [CLOSED] e100 ethernet device has __tmp name instead of ethX
224182: [CLOSED] parted crashes if LANG=it_IT.UTF-8 is set
223759: [NEW] Kernel hanged
219449: [CLOSED] anaconda used an incorrect sequence to install rpms
218903: [NEEDINFO] imposible to install fc6
217890: [VERIFIED] anaconda stage2: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'drivers'
217416: [CLOSED] /proc and /sys are not mounted during the system install
217392: [CLOSED] boot.iso + ""linux rescue"" drops into python debugger
217026: [CLOSED] gaim crash with this error: libnm_glib_nm_state_cb: dbus returned an error
216988: [CLOSED] problem with openmp - gettext-0.16 doesn't build on ia64
215624: [CLOSED] Basic ""hello-world"" with systemtap doesn't work
215328: [CLOSED] install dies with ""undefined symbol: universe_hash
214339: [CLOSED] Must specify RAM size to get kernel to boot
213386: [CLOSED] Installation by NFS failed if not decomposing the CD or DVD images
212929: [NEW] xen-sdlfb is defunct
212515: [ASSIGNED] vncfb does not run on IA64
212299: [NEEDINFO] The Domain-0 was hang after the VTI-Domain panic
212295: [NEEDINFO] domVTI cannot boot with a message ""Cannot allocate memory"".
212119: [CLOSED] vmm is not discribed in elilo.conf
212117: [ASSIGNED] Dom0 does not boot when audit packages are intalled.
211970: [CLOSED] GUI install crashes with script error selecting ""extras"" button
211961: [NEEDINFO] Install hangs with blank screen
211444: [NEEDINFO] DomU/DomVTI cannot boot on IA64
211425: [CLOSED] Install process by using a system with two disk was stopped after setting root password.
210013: [CLOSED] kernel unaligned access messages in rhel5a1
209507: [CLOSED] AttributeError: 'AnacondaYumRepo' object has no attribute 'getAttributeKeys' install FC-devel on ia64
208895: [ASSIGNED] blktap does not build on ia64
208062: [NEEDINFO] [IA64-Xen] XenU would crash Xen0, if insmod xennet.ko
207241: [NEEDINFO] XenU domain can not be created successfully.
207227: [CLOSED] Xen0 reboot command can not reboot Tiger4 machine.
206738: [CLOSED] rescue mode broken in rawhide
205971: [NEEDINFO] Graphical install fails with (mini-wm:569)Gtk-w can not open display: :1
204758: [ASSIGNED] ia64: anaconda dies on device-mapper errors
204625: [CLOSED] ia64: modprobe dieing with a bugcheck
204011: [NEEDINFO] Xen: kernel unaligned access
204007: [CLOSED] install exception, missing /usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab, on rawhide-20060825
203696: [CLOSED] Unknown symbols loading mptspi.ko & could not find filesystem '/dev/root'
203695: [CLOSED] Unknown symbols loading mptspi.ko & could not find filesystem '/dev/root'
203032: [CLOSED] xen/ia64 kernel BUG while rebooting
202973: [NEW] xen/ia64 fc6 blockers
202971: [CLOSED] blkbk/netbk modules don't load
202477: [CLOSED] Component: Software Manager  Summary: TB9275b279 downloadonly.py:26:config_hook:AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'add_option'    Traceback (most recent call last):    File ""/usr/sbin/pirut"", line 363, in ?      main()    File ""/usr/sbin/pirut"", line 358, in main      pm = PackageManager()    File ""/usr/sbin/pirut"", line 56, in __init__      GraphicalYumBase.__init__(self, False)    File ""/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/pirut/__init__.py"", line 123, in __init__      self.doPluginSetup(types=(yum.plugins.TYPE_CORE))    File ""/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/yum/__init__.py"", line 173, in doPluginSetup      optparser, types)    File ""/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/yum/plugins.py"", line 148, in __init__      self.run('config')    File ""/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/yum/plugins.py"", line 164, in run      func(conduitcls(self, self.base, conf, **kwargs))    File ""/usr/lib/yum-plugins/downloadonly.py"", line 26, in config_hook!
       parser.add_option('', '--downloadonly', dest='dlonly', action='store_true',  AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'add_option'    Local variables in innermost frame:  conduit: <yum.plugins.ConfigPluginConduit instance at 0x2b155d594680>  parser: None
202110: [CLOSED] hwclock errors reported at boottime due to typo in mkinitrd
202098: [CLOSED] unaligned accesses during system shutdown/reboot
202096: [ASSIGNED] ia64: unaligned accesses during dmraid execution at startup
201297: [CLOSED] X can not start up in my tiger4 platform
200578: [CLOSED] cachefiles.ko needs unknown symbol copy_page
200264: [CLOSED] ia64 default installs don't work
198700: [CLOSED] ia64: turn on SPARSE memory config
198671: [CLOSED] slab corruption / slab error in slab_destroy_objs(): cache `bio'
198516: [CLOSED] need CONFIG_PNPACPI=y in ia64 config
198491: [CLOSED] xor.ko needs unknown symbol xor_ia64_[2345]
198489: [CLOSED] xor.ko needs unknown symbol xor_ia64_[2345]
198488: [CLOSED] xor.ko needs unknown symbol xor_ia64_[2345]
197804: [CLOSED] anaconda dies with: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x600000000012ec40
196705: [CLOSED] anaconda complains with ""unknown error"" during VNC install
196494: [CLOSED] nftw doesn't work right with setuid
195986: [CLOSED] Cannot mkpart of parted-1.7.1-5 on IA64
195218: [CLOSED] vnc reports wrong ip address under anaconda vnc install
194314: [CLOSED] Bull patch submitted to kernel.org in Fedora Core 6 ?
193606: [CLOSED] glibc-kernheaders dropped asmmacro.h
193567: [CLOSED] DRI permission problem
193566: [CLOSED] DRI permission problem
193293: [CLOSED] Fedora for IA64 (devel tree) Fails to Install
193198: [CLOSED] /usr/bin/pr -e file produces a glibc stack trace when file contains tabs
192781: [CLOSED] Something wrong in gtype.c makes totem and gnome-system-log (at least) crash on Itanium
192014: [CLOSED] vnc install fails with a BadRequest
191521: [CLOSED] loader received SIGSEGV during install
191407: [CLOSED] firstboot fails
191279: [CLOSED] text installation fails
191156: [CLOSED] Cannot log in a GNOME session
191149: [CLOSED] configure pam for  netgroups
191087: [CLOSED] console=ttyX info not added to append line in elilo.conf
190850: [CLOSED] rawhide does not boot on HP Integrity with LSI Fusion scsi driver
188915: [CLOSED] FEAT: Add new CONFIG options to ia64 kernel
188367: [CLOSED] selinux blocks create dir for smbd
187657: [CLOSED] eclipse workbench not saved
187655: [CLOSED] system-config-lvm aborts on startup
185740: [CLOSED] x86_64 hang on restart
185527: [CLOSED] (u)mount causes hald & avc messages to console
185100: [ASSIGNED] ia64: X fails to properly query PCI bus
184110: [CLOSED] ia64: nightly builds failing due to ia64 build being turned off
184045: [CLOSED] DRI problem
183210: [CLOSED] Nightly rawhide builds not completing/no images directory
182931: [CLOSED] ia64 install fails with 'oldlang' referenced before assignment
182032: [CLOSED] rpmbuild --rebuild and command line build result in two different kernels
181770: [CLOSED] Slab corruption during kernel rpm build
181501: [NEW] unaligned accesses seen during mono execution
179654: [CLOSED] totem crashes at startup
179570: [CLOSED] ia64: Latest nightly NFS install fails with unhandled exception in Anaconda (missing package?)
179448: [CLOSED] ia64: unaligned access errors seen during startup of avahi-daemon
179198: [CLOSED] gnome-system-log quits unexpectedly
179192: [CLOSED] fontconfig segfaults at %post step of the installation process
178753: [CLOSED] readahead/{rhgb-console;display} denied read
178751: [CLOSED] rhgb-client denied execmod
178750: [CLOSED] kudzu denied execmod
178749: [CLOSED] sh/bash denied execmod
178748: [CLOSED] Several gawk/awk denied execmod
178747: [NEEDINFO] rc.sysinit/bash denied execmod
178745: [CLOSED] Cannot access the Hardware Clock at startup
178005: [CLOSED] gtk2 package from January 14th broke rhgb/GNOME (at least)
177986: [CLOSED] segfaults on ia64 on -c 'import gtk'
175632: [CLOSED] Fedora ia64 installation build failing
173355: [CLOSED] ia64 Anaconda: Nightly builds failing due to syntax error
172061: [CLOSED] kernel panic when booting from FC4 is CD
171890: [CLOSED] fedora ia64 fails to boot after kzalloc failure
171788: [CLOSED] Build failing due to script segementation fault
171686: [CLOSED] Kernel panic with 2.6.13-1.1532 on SMP X86_64
171549: [NEEDINFO] Button release only works after cursor moves. Happens only on kernels 1526 and 1532. 1426 was ok.
169479: [CLOSED] Missing man page for efibootmgr
168324: [CLOSED] Post installation of FC2x86_64 An Unhandled Exception Occurred
168095: [CLOSED] kernel BUG call during Altix 350 16p/16G system boot
166407: [CLOSED] X doesn't work on Prism
166362: [CLOSED] SGI Prism virtual consoles don't work when console=ttySG0 supplied
166361: [CLOSED] Anaconda forces ttySG0 use on SGI Prism graphics workstation
166360: [CLOSED] SGI Prism systems crash early in the kernel without tioca fix
166298: [CLOSED] Syntax error graphical installer on ia64 - kickstart.py line 780
166152: [CLOSED] unmounting nfs fs causes badness in interruptible_sleep_on_timeout
166149: [CLOSED] Some systems reset trying to launch installer while starting kernel
166146: [CLOSED] Turn on SGI TIOCX driver
166098: [CLOSED] system-config-packages errors out if gnome software development selected
166091: [CLOSED] If a FC install is found, you are never given a chance to re-install
166088: [CLOSED] Custom install never gives you package selections
166083: [CLOSED] NOKEY for filesystem-2.3.4-1 on ia64, disrupts text install window
166043: [CLOSED] Kernel paniced before load of anaconda.
164852: [CLOSED] Username with uppercase letters allowed when creating user
163981: [CLOSED] HP NX6125 very slow with 64 bit FC4
163611: [CLOSED] ia64: Unaligned accesses are made when udev starts
163608: [CLOSED] ia64: Unaligned accesses are made when NFS starts
163607: [CLOSED] ia64: awk errors seen during network interface activation
163432: [CLOSED] Installer crashes on disk partioning
163350: [ASSIGNED] Tracking bug for Fedora Core ia64/Itanium support
163249: [CLOSED] Invoking javac through tools.jar fails on ia64
162570: [CLOSED] CONFIG_NR_CPUS to 512
162371: [NEEDINFO] is used uninitialized in this function
162072: [CLOSED] mk-images script error causes buildinstall failure
161224: [CLOSED] Fedora ia64 development branch fails package checks in anaconda
161206: [CLOSED] virtpconsole install doesn't work
156462: [CLOSED] fails import - stops when it finds the first mp3
154179: [CLOSED] #include <asm/atomic.h> in userspace breaks
152414: [CLOSED] CAN-2005-0749 load_elf_library possible DoS (ipf)
146237: [CLOSED] Fail with installation initrd.img (bad gzip magic number)
146109: [CLOSED] Segmentation Violation in umb-scheme ia64
146012: [CLOSED] ttcp crashes when run on IA64
140818: [CLOSED] [UnitLE]unable to activate in ia64
140692: [CLOSED] [chinputLE] aux not display in ia64
140686: [CLOSED] [httx] unaligned access message
139000: [CLOSED] 3w-9xxx:scsi0:error:(0x03:oxo104): SGL entry has illegal length
138923: [CLOSED] gcc problem compiling samba-3.0.8
137594: [CLOSED] gthumb crashes on startup on ia64
137080: [CLOSED] serious GNOME issues on ia64
136915: [CLOSED] Evolution fails to migrate old data properly
136914: [CLOSED] Launching evolution from a clean profile induces e-d-s to shower the user with hatred
136913: [CLOSED] Clicking on panel clock causes e-d-s to spew hatred at the user
136912: [CLOSED] Evolution is terribly broken on Itanium
136911: [CLOSED] [ia64] OpenOffice fails to launch
136908: [CLOSED] Launching the ""Run"" dialog crashes the panel
133922: [CLOSED] Grub does not see USB keyboard on chaintech vnf3-250 mb
131322: [CLOSED] Module symbol problem in 1-533 kernel on ia64
131257: [CLOSED] arrow keys not working with FC nightly 0830
131082: [CLOSED] ia64 double conversion bug
130381: [CLOSED] binutils assertion failure compiling libtool checks on ia64
130198: [CLOSED] segfault building lvm2
129149: [CLOSED] Anaconda reverses BIOS Boot device settings.
126896: [CLOSED] Kernel hangs on boot
126875: [CLOSED] Undefine ACPI symbols in 2.6.7-1.457
126734: [CLOSED] Malformed patch for IA64 and Alpha
126579: [CLOSED] The EFI partition is case sensitive
126504: [CLOSED] vnc install fails to start
126439: [CLOSED] installer initrds seem broken
122331: [CLOSED] installer booting from dvd crashed in many different places
120815: [CLOSED] GPT disk can't be handled by kernel-2.6.5-1.319
119685: [CLOSED] Installation of Fedora Core 1 for AMD64 crashed after the detection of the monitor and the graphiccard
117234: [CLOSED] missing PT_AR_CSD and PT_AR_SSD in asm/ptrace_offsets.h
116369: [CLOSED] g++ crash when building openh323

NEW state: 12
236211: Make a rescue image for ia64
234989: gcj seg faults on ia64 when aot compiling the jsch jar
231544: nash can't find device-mapper major/minor
231157: swapper hanging kernel during boot
230552: ia64: Altix spinlock recursion leads to deadlock
228599: FutureFeature BasKet 1.0 !!
225459: Anaconda vgcreate failure
224666: unaligned access messages from setroubleshootd
223759: Kernel hanged
212929: xen-sdlfb is defunct
202973: xen/ia64 fc6 blockers
181501: unaligned accesses seen during mono execution

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