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Re: [Fedora-ia64-list] F8 for ia64 now available

John L. Bass wrote:

Second, text mode tools are not actively supported and tested at the same
level as GUI tools are in major milestone Fedora releases. Little of the
functionality offered in GUI tools has equivalent curses tools these days.

Yeah John -- you're right. It's odd -- who would have thought that GUI would be a requirement for a server? :) A lot of the tools I see these days have no ncurses or command line tool. :/

I believe strongly that GUI is not optional anymore.

Hmm ... I guess it comes down to your experience with ia64. In my experience 99% of systems that I've seen run text. To be honest, the only graphics system I have is the one sitting in my cube. In the long run, you're right -- we cannot go on without shipping a functioning X package.

And that underscores the importance of moving forward so that when (and it is a _when_, not an _if_) we get secondary arch status we'll be in a good position to point out our issues with ia64 X packages.

Even with anaconda installs, many of the additional packages I took the
time to install with the text install did not get installed. It took a
very long time reading down the installed package list to finally get
the installs complete. The is a total crock, waste of time, and frustrating.
I'm not sure what you're getting at here -- are you saying that anaconda is not installing all packages you have selected? Could you clarify this comment?


At least the GUI install, installs exactly what's offered and selected, and
the packages that are not offered, you know that you need to go back and
install afterward with yum.

So, from that prospective ... HAVING to text install is just broken,
and any excuse otherwise is a crock and was of valuable end-user time.


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